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Une Sieste by Pascal Cerchi

Alabaster bull calf sculpted by Pascal Cerchi.

Unique piece, signed by the artist.

"Born in 1965 in Paris, I was far from suspecting that I would become a sculptor one day. but everything that makes up a being forges in advance the paths, the paths, the paths by which everything seeks to express itself in him , by him.

These are the stones which hold and offer the work once completed. I only accompany this metamorphosis from the raw to the visible. Emotion, possible, belongs to another perspective and that is good.

Alabaster, in addition to being soft, has another particularity: its translucence. So that all the subjects that emerge are full of the ambient light of the world, this silent treasure.

Archetypes and symbols populate my bestiary. Animals, idols, books, keys, anchors...I sometimes wonder who they will live with...I love their freedom and independence."

Dimensions: H 22 cm x L 25 cm
Material: Alabaster