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Ochre stoneware vase by Jérôme Hirson

Ochre stoneware vase by Jérôme Hirson.

Unique handmade piece.

Being at one with the material and relearning the slowness of gestures: after fifteen years spent working on assembly lines in the car industry, Jérôme found in stoneware the means to give a new direction to his life as a worker.

Jérôme's attachment to folk art is expressed in the creation of everyday pottery plates, bowls, jugs and dishes.

The link he establishes between this single-piece work and tableware is labor. Without any negative connotations, for him labor is linked to making, to creating. Hence the choice of modelling and working in the mass rather than throwing to create his ceramics with their archaic, almost archaeological forms. "Modelling allows me to obtain imperfections. An asymmetrical rim or an irregular curve give the piece extra life".

Dimensions: D 12 x H 19 cm
Material : Stoneware