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Little bison by Ule Ewelt

Small ceramic bison by Ule Ewelt.

Ule Ewelt born in 1967 in Giessen, Germany. She has been modeling animal sculptures since the age of 14.

After studying geography, she worked for several years in an urban planning office focused on nature conservation. Her path takes her back to her roots: the intensive and professional occupation of the land, in search of the inner being of animals and what connects us to them.

The main challenge in the representation of animals is for Ule to capture an internal movement, an instantaneous and dynamic  image. 

His intention is to place the contemplators of his works in the era of prehistoric Man who, of his own impulse, managed to produce impressive works of art.

The artist works on the plate and builds his sculptures on his foot with, inside, a clay structure which will give it its volume.

Piece sculpted in raw earth then smoked.

Dimensions: H 2 cm with base x L 20 cm
Material: Raw smoked earth

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