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Leather Eye by Natalia Brilli

Plaster eye covered in beige velvet leather by Natalia Brilli.

After training at the Cambre in Brussels and a career as a scenographer, Natalia Brilli turned to fashion in 2002 and enrolled at the IFM in Paris.

In 2003 she launched her brand of leather-covered jewelry and accessories.

His current work is the continuation of a process begun 20 years ago which consists, through the artisanal gesture, of poeticizing and sublimating everyday objects.

All the leathers she uses today come from dormant stocks from major brands. This approach, which contributes to reducing the consumption of leather intended for the luxury industry by around 50%, goes hand in hand with a desire to move towards ever greater personalization of the object. In his work, a beige will never be the same twice.

Dimensions: 15 cm x 9 x H 9.5 cm
Material: plaster covered in suede leather