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Small ceramic vase by David Whitehead

Small ceramic vase by David Whitehead.
Born in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1959, David Whitehead worked as a surveyor for five years, taking him to various countries.

In 1986, upon discovering ceramics at the 'Terra Potter' workshop in South Africa, David decided on a new professional departure.

He went to Scotland to train with various potters and settled in La Borne in 1994, where he built a wood-fired kiln in which firings can last up to 5 days.
"I cut, grate and tap the pieces as I make them, so that the surfaces and angles catch the light; engobes and glazes are applied spontaneously, even experimentally, to keep things fresh and surprise me."
The sculptor-ceramist's work has been exhibited in France, the UK, Greece, Spain, Holland, Denmark and South Africa.
Dimensions: H 15.5 cm x W 18 D7 cm
Material : Ceramic